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World-leading element design with a slimline off-white colour to blend in and heat your protected alfresco area.



Australian design, engineered and assembled range of premium quality, stylish & slimline electric radiant heaters perfect for protected outdoor and indoor applications.


A stylish range of high performance, low glow electric radiant heaters for residential and tough commercial heating projects.




The modern, slimline solution for energy-efficient, low cost indoor heating.


Penrith Panthers Leagues Club - NSW, Australia

The Penrith Panthers Leagues Club recently underwent a major refurbishment and redesign. HEATSTRIP radiant outdoor heaters were chosen for heating in the outdoor areas as their slimline, unobtrusive design complemented the new decor. HEATSTRIP Classic THH3200 units are installed in outdoor bar and dining and DOSA areas. 

Penrith Panthers Leagues Club
  • Penrith Panthers Leagues Club
  • Penrith Panthers Leagues Club
Penrith Panthers Leagues Club
Penrith Panthers Leagues Club

Do I need a Thermofilm controller?

The majority of the Thermofilm heater range is supplied with a standard 10amp lead and plug, which you can simply “plug and go”, without the need for an electrician.
NB: The exceptions are the HEATSTRIP Classic THH3200A and HEATSTRIP Max THX3600 as these both units require hard wiring.  Therefore, a 15amp flex lead ONLY is supplied with these products.

MCG - Great Southern Stand refurbishment

Almost 20 years since its original completion, the MCG Great Southern Stand is receiving a $55 million refurbishment and upgrade.  Thermofilm’s HEATSTRIP Indoor (THS range) and HEATSTRIP Classic (THH-A range) products were chosen for their streamline design, easy installation and strong heat output that was demanded in such a high traffic environment on game day.Thermofilm, an Australian manufacturer of heating equipment for more than 20 years is proud to be supplying products for such an iconic project.

HEATSTRIP Classic among best in business

HEATSTRIP Classic has been honoured in the prestigious Product Value category of The Australian Business Awards 2013.

Steve Carroll, General Manager at Thermofilm Australia says the award provides important recognition of the HEATSTRIP Classic range - “HEATSTRIP Classic is a trusted and well recognised product range and this award acknowledges it’s superiority in design, innovation and performance, and the value it adds to the outdoor heating product category”.


  • Radiant electrical heating for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Slimline, stylish, minimalist design
  • Significant running cost savings compared with bottled gas
  • Residential and commercial heating applications - ideal for al-fresco areas, pergolas, balconies, cafes, showrooms, halls etc.
  • Proudly Australian company and products

Thermofilm design, engineer and assemble all of our indoor and electric outdoor heaters in Melbourne, Australia.

Heating Solutions

HeatStrip is a range of high quality electric heaters that have been designed for both indoor and outdoor heating. We have an assortment of different products for you to choose from. No matter what your requirements are, we are sure you will be able to find the indoor or outdoor heater for you from our extensive selection of solutions.

Our product selection is split into four different categories – HeatStrip Classic, HeatStrip Max, HeatStrip Indoor and finally an assortment of HeatStrip Controllers. If you are unsure regarding what type of heater you require, you can use our handy guide to help you determine what product you need. 

No matter what HeatStrip product you purchase you can be certain of high levels of quality, innovation and efficiency. This range has been designed, engineered and assembled by Thermofilm, a company with more than 25 years’ experience in the industry. Thus, you can certainly buy with confidence.

If you have any queries about the service we provide or the products we sell, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d be more than happy to assist.

Heatstrip Collection

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a patio heater or an indoor strip heater, our classic range can cater to your needs. These high-intensity electric panel heaters are innovative, stylish and of a premium quality. They provide effective heating and cost savings in one.


The HeatStrip Max range features high performance, infra-red electric radiant heaters. This is our premium offering. This range is particularly beneficial if you are looking for outdoor heaters for tough outdoor applications. Our customers range from hospitality companies requiring patio heaters to factories needing an effective heating solution.

Residential & Commercial

Aside from this, our indoor range of products features energy-efficient slim-line heaters that are unobtrusive and can save you money. 


Typical applications range from use as a bathroom panel heater to utilisation in classrooms, warehouses, shops and more. You can then choose from three different models when shopping in our controllers range. These have been designed to complement your indoor or outdoor application.

  • Heatstrip available from your nearest Bunnings Hardware or Masters Home Improvement stores