HEATSTRIP® Elegance is a range of stylish, premium, high-intensity electric panel heaters. With huge running cost savings compared to bottled gas heaters, HEATSTRIP®  is ideal for outdoor undercover protected applications, both residential and commercial. These include alfresco dining and BBQ areas, patios, verandahs, courtyards and balconies. Ideal indoor applications include spot heating in factories, showrooms, warehouses, assembly lines, halls, etc.



Why choose HEATSTRIP® Elegance electric wall panel heaters for your outdoor or hard-to-heat indoor area?
Radiant heaters are often the most effective and preferred way to heat an outdoor or tough-to-heat indoor area. Unlike traditional convection heaters, Our HEATSTRIP® range heaters will heat directly heat the surface of the objects through infra-red waves, while convection heaters heat the air between objects.
HEATSTRIP® electic radiant heaters are more effective within an outdoor or uninsulated indoor area because they provide targeted warmth directly to the people and objects in their path. 
Using the radiant heating principle, HEATSTRIP® can provide comfort heating for undercover outdoor and indoor open areas. Our innovative design of the HEATSTRIP® enables comfortable and even heat dispersion from the heater surface with minmal operation cost.  
The stylish, slimline "off-white" face of the HEATSTRIP® elegance does not emit light or glow when in use, blending elegantly into your decor. ceiling, wall and umbrella mounting options to ensure that your valuable floor and table space is not wasted. 
The HEATSTRIP® incorporates no internal moving parts ensuring quiet and virtually maintenance free operation. 
HEATSTRIP®  are the original innovators for outdoor heating development in commercial and residential markets. Today, we continue to be market-leading, with quality that is proven over many years both in Australia and overseas. Many try to copy, but none is equal.
So many uses
Al-fresco & outding dining areas
Patios & outdoor kitchens
Courtyards, balconies, verandas, pergolas
Garages and sheds
Hospitality & Commercial
Cafes & restaurants
Pubs, Clubs, beer gardens, outdoor smoking and gaming areas
Factories, warehouses, showrooms, assembly lines, halls etc.

Technical Specifications – Australia

THE1800 45c / hr 1800 7.5 974 x 170 x 48.5 4 1000 Yes 3-4
THE2400  60c / hr 2400 10 1204 x 170 x 48.5 7 1000 Yes 4-5
THE3600 90c / hr 3600 15 1804 x 170 x 48.5 9 1000 NO 5-6


Mounting Options
The installation of HEATSTRIP® Elegance is simple and easy with the standard mounting brackets supplied. For other locations, there are a range of mounting options available – (refer to below diagrams). The HEATSTRIP® Elegance can be mounted directly to the ceiling; angled downwards on a wall; fitted flush with the ceiling; suspended on chains or poles; attached to beams/poles/umbrellas; mounted end-to-end, or 2 units together.
Running Cost Comparison
In many instances, patio heaters powered by gas bottles are used as an outdoor heating source. The below table shows the running cost comparison between HEATSTRIP® Elegance and a bottled gas outdoor heater. The hourly running costs are considerably less and with HEATSTRIP® Elegance you never have to worry about running out of gas; no refilling; no unattractive gas bottle to waste space; no gas emissions and HEATSTRIP® Elegance actually improves the value of your property.
Selection guide
For the majority of outdoor applications, the most effective method is to spot heat a table or similar area. The below diagrams provides an easy selection guide for the approximate model and quantity of heaters required to heat common residential table settings. Selections are based on HEATSTRIP® Elegance being mounted at 2.4m from the floor in an undercover fully enclosed outdoor area.

Optional Controller

All HEATSTRIP® electric panel wall heaters can be controlled via a standard GPO or wall on/off switch . If you choose to hardwire your HEATSTRIP®, it is recommended to install a HEATSTRIP® controller that provides ease of operation and helps to reduce running costs. The recommended controller is Model TT-MTM, which includes a timer function (1/2/4 automatic countdown), a temperature control (High/Medium/Low) and a remote control.
Maximum 16 amps direct wired.
For multiple unit installations, we would recommend one heater (less than 14 maps) is direct wired to the controller and additional units wired via a relay/contractor. Please refer to a lisenced electrician for advice.
Please refer to HEATSTRIP® Elegance Product Manual, Quick Reference Guide or brochure for more detailed information.
*Optional Controller is not included as standard. Must be purchased separately.