HEATSTRIP® Indoor is an Australian designed, engineered and manufactured range of medium intensity electric radiant strip heaters. Ideal for all protected indoor applications, they offer the ultimate in energy efficient heating.

Typical applications include:

  • Classrooms & student accomodation

  • As a bathroom panel heater – in fact, in all residential indoor heating applications

  • Sports stadiums, halls and churches

  • Warehouses, showrooms, offices and industrial heating

  • Shops, factories and restaurants

  • Dance & yoga studio

  • Childcare facilities & hospitals


Why choose HEATSTRIP® electric radiant heaters for your indoor area?

In a typical open indoor area, there can be significant air movement which provides a difficult heating challenge. While many conventional heaters rely on convection heating to heat the space, this can be quite impractical and inefficient for these areas, as the heated air can easily be lost, or naturally move to areas such as high ceilings, out air vents, etc. Radiant heaters transfer heat directly to people and objects through infra-red waves.

While convection heaters heat the air, radiant heaters heat the surface of the objects themselves. HEATSTRIP® energy efficient electric heaters are effective within indoor areas because they provide targeted warmth directly to the people in their path and can be focused only on the areas that are being used, rather than heating air in areas that are not utilised (especially close to the ceiling).

Above: radiant heat is directed downwards to where it is required, and can be zoned to heat only those areas that are occupied

Above: convective heat can be lost in uninsulated areas or naturally rise towards the roof in high ceiling locations.



Technical Specifications – Australia


THS 800A      800 3.3 624 x 235 x 48  4 1000 YES
THS 1200A      1200 5.0 924 x 235 x 48 6 1000 YES
THS 1800A 1800 7.5 1384 x 235 x 48 8 1000 YES
THS 2400A 2400 10 1834 x 235 x 48       11 1000 YES


Selection guide

General recommendations for HEATSTRIP Indoor:

• Ideal mounting height: 2.1m to 2.5m. Maximum is 2.7m in an insulated indoor environment. 
• Ideal mounting location: ceiling mounted, directly above area to be heated (eg. seating area, table etc.)

The below table outlines the coverage of each HEATSTRIP® Indoor model (in m2), based on 3 different scenarios. For example, for an indoor area that is protected, Model THS1800A will cover 18m2 and Model THS2400A will cover 16m2.


THS 800A 8 5
THS 1200A 12 8
THS 1800A 18 12
THS 2400A 24 16


Optional Controllers (not included): Ideal to complement all HEATSTRIP® electric heaters, to provide flexibility & ease of use and reduce operating costs. 

(Hard-wired Installation)  


  • On/Off function with LED indicators     
  • 3 Heat settings 
  • Automatic timer control 
  • Remote control included              
  • Suitable for operation of single or multiple heaters     
  • Max. 16 amps (for additional heaters, use a relay/contactor)


(DIY Installation)


  • Plug-in DIY timer switch
  • On/Off function with LED indicators
  • Automatic timer
  • Remote control included
  • Max. 10 amps